It's been around for what seems like forever.  With increased technology and social media platforms, it is only getting worse.

What is it?  What causes it?  How do we stop it?

And what do we do if our child is being bullied?  Or, God forbid, being the bully?

In this FREE Digitial Brochure we will answer all of those questions and more.  We will identify the following:

  • Who is at risk of bullying?

  • Who is likely to bully others?

  • The effects of bullying on

    • The bullied​

    • The bullies

    • The Witnesses

  • Are Bullying and Suicide Rates related?

  • Signs of Being Bullied

  • Signs of Being a aBully

  • What Action Steps to Take When Bullying Occurs

As well as provide you with other resources of how and where to find help.