Y'all ever been given a task to do, that you just KNOW you will fail at? At work, has your boss ever had way more confidence in you, than you do? What about at home? Ever raised a kid and you have NO IDEA what you are doing? Or at school, your teacher ever assigned a project and you don't even know what subject she's talking about?

The truth is, we've all felt unqualified at some point in our lives. We learn to adapt and overcome, and usually end up performing the task better than we thought we would. Those mind monsters are shady little bastards that trick us into thinking we are failures, when we are not!

This song speaks to my heart, about this exact subject. I know that I know that I know that I am unqualified to do anything like this non-profit organization. I can tell you a million reasons why I should absolutely NOT be allowed to speak life into anyone's dark situation. At one point in my life, I WAS the dark situation!

And that podcast? Let me tell you just a little about my crippling social anxiety and downright PHOBIA of public speaking. Do you know I failed out of my first college because I refused to show up to Speech Class? Do you know I quit one of the first corporate jobs I ever held, because I was forced to give weekly presentations infront of my department? I've not only cancelled plans because of this anxiety, I have even driven right up to the place...friends house, event, church....and then just kept driving because my anxiety told me that I didn't really belong there. I am THAT person!

So when I first got the "idea" to do a podcast, I quickly pushed it away because there was no way I was going to speak to the public. How many of you know that when an "idea" is actually from God, He can be incredibly PERSISTENT!? The idea became a constant thought. I found myself writing down ideas to talk about, all while refusing to do the talking. This went on for months! Close to a year before I finally said "fine."

And I did it. And, in my mind, it will forever suck. But I did it. And it's out there. And the second one was just as bad. The third and fourth maybe a little better, but I will NEVER be happy with it. Why? Because I hold very high expecations for myself. And I know just exactly how UNQUALIFIED I am to be doing this.

This song talks about God giving us the strength and the courage to do what He has called us to do. And that is my prayer for you all. May you all find your God given purpose. And may you all receive God's strength and courage to follow through, regardless of how unqualified you feel that you are.

Keep Going!

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