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I am so glad you are here! This page, as well as this non-profit organization, has been in production for a few years now. Life got busy, ya'll! Admittedly, I allowed distractions to get in my way and slow me down and take me on a different path. But I am back! God has restored a fire in me to do something that makes a difference. My vision for the future is HUGE! I am praying impossible prayers and believing God will do amazing things through me. I want to touch lives, save lives, and change lives. As many as God will allow me to. I wish to inspire, encourage, and motivate people through the word of Christ.

Mental Health in America is at an all time low. With an average of 129 Americans attempting suicide EACH DAY, this cannot continue to be ignored. The stigma surrounding mental health needs to be erraticated. We need to face this epidemic head on, face to face, and make a change.

Through KGTM, I am committed to changing people's minds. I believe our mindset determines where we go in life. If we believe we cannot perform or achieve, then we will most certainly be correct. However, if we can help people to change their minds and get them to believe they can not only achieve, but excel at their goals, then we can make a huge difference in their lives.

God gave his only son so that me may have life, and have it more abundantly. But it is up to us to live in our victory. So many are downtrodden, depressed, living a stressful existence and not fully walking in the victory that Christ has given us. Our first step in achieving this victory, is to believe it is ours.

Bishop T.D Jakes said it best. "The most powerful thing in the world, is a changed mind."

Watch his sermon about this here:

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